My first step towards it was in high school.
I worked in a school group, that was responsible for making short movies, photos for a school journal and I also worked as a technician for the school radio. That was when my passion for multimedia kicked in. It wasn’t long after that when I bought myself a camera and started to learn more in depth about photography. I also gain a lot of knowledge in photography related programs, such as Photoshop, Lightroom.
I then decided I wanna use my creativity in designing, as an architect – so I enrolled into college, studied it for three years, gain some awesome skills, but it didn’t quite suit my needs and wishes. So I dropped out and follow my true passion.
My next mission was to get a job in a media house. I knew it’s not going to be easy, having no formal education from multimedia, but when I set my mind onto something, there is no giving up. Meanwhile I have been working on some web designing and learning about filming industry on my own. Soon I started working as a camera assistant at a national TV.
This job offered me a whole new perspective into the world of filming, the knowledge was at hand, the opportunities I was given thought me so much … and I knew, this is it! Since then, I have been working on some truly amazing projects, that left me thirsty for more.
Video production, for me, is an ongoing learning process, because there is always some new technology or some new trends and my mission is to keep up with them and be the best at what I love doing!

What can you expect from me:

– video editing
– lighting department
– camera department
– grip

– events
– weddings
– …

Graphic design
– web design
– architecture
– logo